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Vehicles / Fuel Usage Reporting

The University of Missouri has statutory requirements in the purchasing of alternative vehicles and the use of alternative fuel for fleet vehicles.  In compliance with these requirements, UM Real Estate and Business Services coordinates the annual reporting to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. 

Each campus and University Hospital has a Vehicle Coordinator who maintains campus data for these reports.  This information includes vehicle types, fuel usage, mileage, maintenance costs, and compliance with Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for new vehicles acquired.

Other Federal reports and inquiries about University vehicles may be directed to the Vehicle Coordinators or UM Real Estate and Business Services.


MU and UM System

Shelley Bush Rowe
319 Jesse Hall
University of Missouri-Columbia
(573) 882-4959


Matthew R. Bunch
00129 Garage
University of Missouri-Kansas City
(816) 235-5256

Missouri S&T

Robert P. Kraus
101 General Services Building
Missouri S&T
(573) 341-7288


Mike Ellerman
Msc Garage
University of Missouri-St. Louis
(314) 516-6321


Greg Leonard
University of Missouri Health Care
(573) 884-3039

Reviewed 2019-12-23