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Credit Card Costs

Credit Card Costs
JPMorgan Chase Bank Fees Cost(s)
Merchant setup $0.00
Merchant Minimum Monthly Fee $0.00/Month
Master Card Merchant Location Fee $1.25/Month
PIN Debit Injection Fee $40.00 (one-time fee)
Chargeback fee $15.00/Chargeback item
Terminal First Data Vx520 (Dial-up) $200.00 (one-time fee)
Terminal VeriFone Vx680 (Cellular) $420.00 (one-time fee)
PIN Pad, Vx805 $195.00 (one-time fee)
Terminal Ingenico MOVE 5000 4G (Cellular) $399.00 (one-time fee)
Bank Authorization Fees $0.02 + 0.02%/Visa or MasterCard Transaction
  $0.02 + 0.02%/Discover Transaction
  $0.05/American express Transaction
  $0.20/PIN debit transaction
Network Acquirer Processing Fees $0.0195 + $0.0014 + 0.12% if less than $1000 OR $0.0195 + $0.0014 + 0.14% if greater than $1000/MasterCard Transaction
  $0.0195 + $0.0018 + 0.13%/Visa Transaction
  $0.0195 + 0.13%/Discover Transaction 
Interchange Fees See the MasterCard Interchange Rates
  See the Visa Interchange Rates
  See the Discover Interchange Rates (link to be updated)
  2.30%/American Express Transaction
Chase Net Pricing (If the card used is a Chase branded card).  Debit Card Pricing $0.2610 + 0.2%/Visa or MasterCard
Chase Net Pricing (If the card used is a Chase branded card).  Credit Card Pricing $0.1150 + 2.04%/Visa or MasterCard Discount Rate
Gateway Fees $0.0550/Visa and MasterCard Transactions Cybersource
  $0.07/transaction (Freedom Pay)
Encryption Fee $0.025/transaction for SafeTech Encryption
  $0.07/transaction (Freedom Pay)
  $0.15/DecryptX transaction (Bluefin)
P2PE Device Fee $5.00/Month (Bluefin)

Reviewed 2022-01-19