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General Information for Existing Merchants

One of our best resources for existing credit card merchants is our FAQ page. 
  • Credit Card FAQ
  • If you have additional questions or concerns please contact John Layman at 573-882-3318 or Commerce Bank merchant services at 800-828-1629.
What are the setup costs and what are the credit card fees?
 As a merchant, do I have to take PCI training?
  • Any official, administrator, or affiliate with responsibilities for managing University cardholder transactions and employees or personnel entrusted with handling or processing cardholder payments must complete annual training. Please see the “Cardholder Data Processing Agreement and Annual Training Form”. IT Directors and designated staff must also comply with University Computing Security Standards. 
    • The training, SANS Securing the Human, is online computer based training that covers PCI as well as other security topics that directly relate to PCI security.
    • A link to the training and more information concerning the training will be provided soon.
  • The Treasurer's Office will conduct onsite training for each Campus and for Hospital and University Physicians.
There is training available now through MyHR if you do not want to wait for the SANS training.
  • Please log into MyHR with your pawprint and password.  To navigate to the training section please click Main Menu -> Self Service -> Personal Information -> HR Training - myLearn.  Once myLearn has opened, please search for 2 different training sessions:
    • "PCI Compliance: What you need to know" - 30 Minutes
    • "Privacy and Information Security" - 1 Hour
What are the polices concerning acceptance of credit cards? 

Reviewed 2014-02-10.