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Credit Card Training

As a merchant, do I have to take PCI training?
  • PCI DSS states that in order to accept credit card payments you must be PCI compliant.  One of the mandated requirements of PCI state that PCI and security awareness training must be conducted upon hire and at least annually.  Any official, administrator, or affiliate with responsibilities for managing University cardholder transactions and employees or personnel entrusted with handling or processing cardholder payments must complete training upon hire and annual training thereafter.  IT Directors and designated staff must also complete the PCI and security training and also comply with University Computing Security Standards.
  • You would complete one of the online trainings listed below
    • If you are regular staff you must take SANS Securing the Human, an online computer based training that covers PCI as well as other security topics.
    • If you are a Hospital employee you must complete and pass the "PCI-17" course through Pathlore.
    • If you are a student employee you must take the "you are the key to security" course through Blackboard.
    • If you are not enrolled into either of these courses please notify John Layman (laymanj@umsystem.edu) to get you enrolled.
    • The annual PCI training MUST be completed by October, 31 2016

The Treasurer's Office will conduct annual onsite training for each Campus and for Hospital and University Physicians.

 There is additional optional PCI training available through myLearn.

  • Please log into myHR with your paw print and password.  To navigate to the training section please click Main Menu -> Self Service -> Personal Information -> HR Training - myLearn.  Once myLearn has opened, please search for 2 different training sessions:
    • "PCI Compliance: What you need to know" - 30 Minute
    • "Privacy and Information Security" - 1 Hour

How to keep you Terminal from being tampered with

What are the policies concerning acceptance of credit cards?
How long are we to retain credit card sales receipts?
  • The customer/card holder copy must be given to the customer and the merchant copy retained by the merchant location for not less than two (2) years. (See CRM 302)

To request training for your department or division please contact John Layman and please indicate what topics you would like additional training on.

Reviewed 2017-02-23.