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University of Missouri Board of Curators approves new governance structure


Christian Basi

Columbia, Mo.— The University of Missouri Board of Curators today approved a new university governance structure. Last month, the board received a report from the Council of Chancellors recommending a proposed leadership framework following the decision to combine the role of UM System president with MU chancellor. The report was adapted after it was circulated among the four universities for feedback from constituent groups.

“The governance structure approved today by the Board of Curators sets the University of Missouri on a course to become a national model for excellence in higher education governance,” said Julia Brncic, chair of the Board of Curators. “Thanks to the thorough work of the Council of Chancellors and the feedback we received from individuals and groups at each university, this new structure ensures each university will have a voice on system issues and increases university collaboration to the benefit of our students and all Missourians.”

Based on constituent feedback, the Council of Chancellors made adjustments to the proposed framework, including specific wording addressing avenues to manage potential conflicts of interest. In the Nov. 19 Board of Curators meeting, the board established one of those avenues by adopting new policies to manage possible conflicts involving financial resource allocations to universities. The council’s report offers a summary of these policies.

Conflicts of interest within the council will also be managed through effective collaboration and the more clearly defined roles of the president, chancellors and the council. If conflicts of interest cannot be managed through these pathways, concerns about the presidential conflicts of interest can be reported to the board chair. Concerns about chancellors will be reported to the president, keeping with current practice.

The board also determined that Mun Choi will be referred to as “President of the University of Missouri,” a working title that more quickly summarizes his dual responsibilities. President Choi continues to formally fill both roles of chancellor at MU and president of the UM System.

Additionally at today’s meeting, the board approved a report from UM System Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer Ryan Rapp, which outlined recommendations for increasing administrative efficiencies under the new governance structure. Rapp’s report also was circulated at each of the four universities for feedback and input from various stakeholder groups before being approved by the board. The final proposal approved by the board is available here:


Reviewed 2020-12-10