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2006 Awards Social Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Bartholow Bruce Psychological Sciences UMC Alcohol and Cognition: Consequences for Social Behavior
Buss Kristin Psychological Sciences UMC Transition to Kindergarten for Fearful Children
Davis Michael Economics & Finance UMR Gasoline Price Seasonality and Environmental Standards
Fletcher Thomas Psychology UMSL Development of a Measure of Competitive Climate
Gelles Gregory Economics & Finance UMR Disclosure Frequency and Firm Value
Guo Baorong Social Work UMSL food insecurity & household assets in low-income famili
Johnson Sharon Social Work UMSL The Father Factor in Research with Adolescents
Luo Yuyan Psychological Sciences UMC Infants` knowledge about others` goals and perceptions
Palmer Craig Anthropology UMC Traditional social activities and epidemic spread
Schnitzer Patricia Nursing UMC HURT! (Helping Understand Risks to Toddlers)
Shields Nancy Sociology UMSL Comparing the Effects of Witnessing Community Violence
Smith Deborah Sociology/Criminal Justic UMKC Theorizing About Worker Empowerment Training
Wada Takeshi Sociology UMC Predicting political violence using global event data
White Kamila Psychology UMSL Comorbid Anxiety and Non-CAD Chest Pain
Will Matthew Psychological Sciences UMC Neural mediators of diet preference and food intake
Wright Richard Criminology and Criminal UMSL Auto Thieves on Auto Theft
Xia Yin Agricultural Economics UMC Productivity of Nanobiotech Research and Ed in US Univ

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