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Intercampus Student Council


The Intercampus Student Council (ISC) serves as a liaison between the President and the student governing bodies from each campus. It communicates the views of the student bodies, advises the President on matters that concern students, and addresses any issues that the President brings to the ISC. For more information on ISC’s purpose, refer to the constitution (PDF).


Members of the ISC is composed of two representatives from each of the student bodies listed below.  Representatives from each student body changes every academic year with elections held in the spring. 

The Executive Director of the Associated Students of the University of Missouri and the Student Representative to the Board of Curators are members as well.  Academic Affairs provides administrative and advisory support to ISC.



Bailey Martin
Atlantic History & Politics

ISC Chair
ASUM Executive Director

Ophelia Griffin

UMKC SGA President

Lauren Kreisel
Political Science

UMKC SGA Vice President

Alexander Orywall
Business Administration

UMSL SGA President

Max Hood
Business Administration

UMSL SGA Vice President

Samantha Young
Civil Engineering

S&T Student Council President

Jordan Ropp

S&T Student Council Vice President

Miyah Jones
Political Science

MU MSA President

Cydney Perkins
Political Science

MU MSA Vice President

Parker Owens

MU GPC President

Mary Dickson-Amagada
Health Informatics & Bioinformatics

MU GPC Vice President


Contact Information

For questions, please reach out to the representatives on your campus. 

Reviewed 2023-06-05