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Organizational Chart

UM System Office of Finance
Executive Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Rapp

Senior ESA

Karla Church


Assistant Vice President

Eric Vogelweid

Finance Info Systems

Payroll & Taxes

Finance & Accounting

Budgeting & Planning

Finance Support Center

Treasury & Real Estate
Assistant Vice President

Kevin Hogg

Cash Management

Debt Management

Real Estate Management

Business Services

Management Services
Assistant Vice President

Ed Knollmeyer

Risk & Insurance

Records Management



Chief Investment Officer
Sr. Associate Vice President

Thomas Richards

Endowment Fund Mgmt.

Retirement Fund Mgmt.

General Pool Mgmt.

and Planned Giving

Assistant Vice President

Beth Asbury

Facilities Planning
& Development


Our purpose: Serve in a University System leadership role to deliver fiscally responsible results and drive value as a strategic business partner for the organization. Work to align our resources consistent with the mission and priorities of the University of Missouri System and its campuses.

Reviewed 2023-11-02