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Quick Reference

Criminal Background Check Quick Reference GuidePDF file


HireRight Security Requests

If you need to request security for HireRight, complete the form by:

  1. Saving a copy of the HireRight User Security form to your computer.
  2. Completing the form and attaching the completed copy to an email.
  3. Sending the email to: customerservice@hireright.com

IMPORTANT! This method is for requesting new user security or terminating user security. Changes to existing user security should be managed via the HireRight portal.


HireRight Contact Information


HireRight Customer Support
Toll Free: 866.521.6995
Toll Free Fax: 877.797.3441
Email: documentation@hireright.com

Customer & Applicant Support
Sundays 5:00pm Pacific Time – Fridays 9:00pm Pacific Time
Live Help: available from within the account or online form
Email: customerservice@hireright.com

Drug and Health Screening Support
Mondays 6:00am Pacific Time – Fridays 5:00pm Pacific Time
Email: ohscustomerservice@hireright.com

Customer Training Support
Mondays 8:00am Pacific Time – Fridays 5:00pm Pacific Time
Email: customertraining@hireright.com

Reviewed 2017-05-10.