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  • General Resources for Every Campus - Reports, Onboarding Process Flow, ePAF & Recruit Process, HireRight and Troubleshooting
  • Columbia - Prospective Employees, Hiring Managers, Interviewers and Recruiters
  • Kansas City - HR Facilitators, Hiring Managers, Interviewers and Recruiters
  • Rolla - Staff and Faculty Postings, and Recruiters
  • St. Louis - Academic and Administrative Postings, and Recruiters

General Resources for Every Campus

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Creating Job Openings Training Materials

Creating Job Openings Training Guide

Topics included:

  • How to Create a Job Posting
  • How To Approve a Job Posting

Managing Job Postings Training Materials

Managing Job Postings Training Guide

Topics included in this guide:

  • Viewing Applications
  • Extending Close Dates
  • Statusing Candidates
  • Sending Correspondences
  • Creating a Job Offer
  • Approving a Job Offer
  • Adding a Candidate's SSN and DOB
  • Preparing for Hire




Kansas City

HR Facilitators

Hiring Managers




All Postings



St. Louis


Reviewed 2022-04-14