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PeopleSoft Re-implementation: Major Milestones

We are committed to respecting the skilled work and countless hours devoted to PeopleSoft HR over the past decade and a half. One of our guiding principles is to design a software system with a human touch. As we define, build, test and deploy the technology, we are also meeting with the managers and staff members who need PeopleSoft 9.2 to work for them. Therefore, the project's major milestones are divided into: (1) people milestones and (2) technology miletones in the timeline below.


People Milestones

Technology Milestones

Jan 2016 Evaluate the current state  
Feb 2016  
Mar 2016 Utilize Oracle Upgrade Lab
Apr 2016
May 2016
Jun 2016 Redesign business processes
Jul 2016  
Aug 2016  
Sep 2016  
Oct 2016 Configure modules
Nov 2016  
Dec 2016  
Jan 2017  
Feb 2017 System testing Revise the system based on testing
Mar 2017
Apr 2017  
May 2017 User acceptance testing  
Jun 15, 2017  
Jun 15, 2017 Training (super users, end users and managers)  
July 2017 Go live! - July 31


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Reviewed 2019-08-05