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Time and Labor FAQs


Time Clock Devices

What training should be offered to those employees using TCDs?

You know your employees best and should train them accordingly. In most cases an instructional picture on the wall next to the unit will suffice. You might want to have somebody helping employees to clock in/out during the first two days of usage.

Is it possible for a person to clock in at one TCD and clock-out at another TCD across campus?

Yes, a person can clock in and out at different TCDs within their TCD Group around campus.

If a person has two part-time jobs (works 9-12 and then 6-8 in the same day), can they clock in/out at the same TCD for both jobs?

Yes, if an employee has multiple jobs, he or she would choose from a list of Supervisor's last names. The TCD would display the Supervisor's name prefixed with the respective employee record number as well as the job's hourly rate.

How is paid time off tracked for those employees using TCDs? 

Paid time off must be entered by a supervisor or timekeeper on the employee's behalf.

Who will set up employees to be graced when using time clocks?

Gracing setup is done for the entire department. Campus Administrators are responsible for setup. Training materials about gracing can be found at

Who will set up auto meal deductions?

Time Keepers set up auto meal deductions for employees who cannot punch out and back in for the meal. Training materials about gracing can be found at

In what case will auto meal deductions be taken from time worked?

Only an employee set up in the custom Auto Meal Deduction page, and that works greater than five consecutive hours, will have the meal automatically deducted.

How is it assured Time Reporters can use a particular TCD?

In PeopleSoft, time clocks are grouped based on which campus they are located or which department on a campus uses them (e.g., St. Louis TCD group, Columbia Campus Facilities group, etc.). An employee will be able to use particular time clocks only if their Time Reporter record is associated with the respective TCD Group.

Who assigns Time Reporters to a TCD so they can successfully punch in/out?

A TCD Group gets assigned to a new Time Reporter via the nightly Time Reporter enrollment process. This can also be changed or manually entered by Campus Administrators under the Time Reporter Data link.

Reviewed 2019-11-12