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DMCA Form Letter 2

Notice f rom DMCA Agent or Delegate to Person Who is Object of a Copyright Infringement Claim



From: University of Missouri DMCA Agent


Subject: URGENT: Copyright infringement claim

The University of Missouri has received a claim, copied below, that material you provided via University equipment or University network connections infringes copyright. As required by law, University agents have removed or will remove materials or access to materials or activities.

If you believe this claim to be mistaken--for example, you do have permission to use the materials or claim exemption under the four Fair Use principles--or if you believe the material is misidentified with you--then you may appeal this claim and file a counter claim. See:

You may reply to this note, or contact the offices listed below.

Campus DMCA Agent:

University of Missouri DMCA Agent

Gary Allen

Vice President for Information Technology

225 University Hall

Columbia, MO 65211 USA

Telephone: (573) 882-9200

Fax: [573] 884=5255


[Copy of Claim notice]

Reviewed 2019-08-05