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Resources for Legal Use of Intellectual Property

This page will list resources available to University of Missouri authors and publishers for accomplishing their goals without infringing the intellectual property rights of sources. Infringement can bring lawsuit or require withdrawal of infringing material. Note that network publication of student work may involve issues both in copyright law and FERPA privacy law.

"Property sensitive" measures include obtaining permission for use, quoting source material according to the four Fair Use requirements, and finding alternate materials that are easier to legally use (such as items that assigned or lapsed into public domain or U.S. government publications). Of course, writers should also heed long-standing academic standards of citation and acknowledgment.

An excellent collection of advice on these matters is available from the Consortium for Educational Technology in University Systems, at:

Other Information

Laws and technology are changing! This page will attempt to identify current and emerging policy, local wisdom and remote insights into intellectual property resources.

For Members and Guests

Copyright Essentials

Resources For Legal Use of Intellectual Property

UM Patents and Licensing (Office of Technology and Special Projects)

For Copyright Owners

University of Missouri Agent for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

How to Report Claims of Infringement

For Information System Administrators

What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?

Identify DMCA Agent

Guidelines For DMCA Agents

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