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Identify DMCA Agent

This policy aims to reduce liability and incident-handling for University information service providers by identifying a central agent to handle claims of copyright infringement as established by the 1998 U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act section (512)(c)(2). The language of the Act requires that the service provider identify its DMCA agent "on its website." The University system comprises several internet domains and hundreds of websites, including both ".edu" and ".org" sites. In demonstrating a spirit of service to copyright owners, the following University policy requires that a link to identification of the University DMCA agent be posted at the top level on each appropriate information service.

The standard specified here must be implemented by the webmaster responsible for content at the top level of each web server that uses University of Missouri equipment or University of Missouri network connections.

This policy also applies to anyone responsible for an FTP server or other information server which provides content for which someone could reasonably question copyright, and uses University of Missouri equipment or network connections. This includes any server owned or maintained by individual faculty, staff, students, or non-members. This applies even if the server restricts access by password, network location, or other means, is a virtual server, or runs on a non-standard port.

A brief link essentially like the following must be posted clearly on the server's "root page," the page that would display when just the host name is specified as a document location:

<a href="/dmca/">

DMCA and other copyright information


The above would typically appear in a small font in the footing of each web host's "front door" root page. See for an example.

FTP and other information servers would identify the DMCA and copyright page explicitly, by posting in an appropriate place such text as:

See for DMCA and other copyright information.

The webpage will identify the current individual and the dispatch e-mail address responsible for coordinating action on claims and counter-claims of copyright infringement for all campuses of the University of Missouri.

If you as a University member receive a notice of copyright infringement, please copy it to the University DMCA Agent.

If you have questions or comments about this matter, please send e-mail to the indicated agent.

Reviewed 2019-08-05