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2005 Awards Life Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Agca Yuksel Veterinary Pathobiology UM-Columbia Development of transgenic rat model of prostate cancer
Bahar Sonya Physics and Astronomy UM-St. Louis Imaging Seizures in the Neocortex
Blaine Edward Physiology UM-Columbia Fetal Programming with Glucocorticoids in Rats: Nephro
Essman Stephanie Vet Med & Surgery UM-Columbia Samarium-153-EDTMP for treatment of osteosarcoma
Ferrari Michael Molecular Biology and Bio UM-Kansas City Proteomic Analysis of Myofibrillogenesis
Geisbrecht Brian Cell Biology and Biophysi UM-Kansas City Mechanistic Studies of Eap-Ligand Interactions
Gu Li-Qun Biological Engineering UM-Columbia A stochastic sensor bying engineered protein nanopores
Hassett Daniel Veterinary Pathobiology UM-Columbia The role of regulatory T cells in fetal rejection
Holland Len‚ Physiology UM-Columbia Cell architecture and estrogen control of a gene switch
Ketan Bulsara Surgery UM-Columbia Two-Hit Hypothesis for Cerebral Vasospasm
Lorson Christian Veterinary Pathobiology UM-Columbia Delivery of Therapeutic RNAs in Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Miller Dennis Psychological Sciences UM-Columbia Pharmacology of Potential Cocaine Antagonists
Newton Kathleen Biological Sciences UM-Columbia Altered expression of nuclear genes
Rubin Leona Veterinary Biomedical Sci UM-Columbia AMPK & Vascular Reactivity
Shiu Patrick Biological Sciences UM-Columbia Meiotic Silencing by Unpaired DNA (MSUD)
Stromhaug Per Biological Sciences UM-Columbia The role of phosphoinositides in autophagy
Tanner John Chemistry UM-Columbia Structural biology of F. tularensis virulence proteins
Wilkens Lon Biology UM-St. Louis Electrosensory coding in the paddlefish brain
Zhang Shuqun Agriculture Biochemistry UM-Columbia MAPK-Induced Stabilization of ACC Synthase in Plants

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