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Degree Programs

Welcome to the UM Office of Academic Affairs' dedicated page for information on our degree programs. This website may be used to access information on:

  • Current degree and certificate programs offered by the four UM System universities (MU, S&T, UMKC, UMSL)
  • How to propose a new degree or certificate program
  • How to request changes be made to an existing program (i.e. program title, CIP code, options, etc.)
  • Regularly scheduled program assessments

Have questions? For all matters relating to degree and certificate programs, please email

Current Degree & Certificate Program Inventory

The Office of Academic Affairs maintains a complete listing of all degree and certificate programs offered across the four universities. This record is updated on a monthly basis. Please note that we are currently in transition from another method of maintaining our degree program inventory. As such, some columns of the document are currently incomplete.

Click here to access an updated copy of our degree program inventory. 


Pending Degree Programs

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for reviewing proposals for new degree programs following university-specific review processes. The link below provides a basic overview of the status of existing proposals' current status. For more detailed information on a proposal's status, you may contact Please note that this listing does not include proposals for new certificate programs.

University of Missouri -- Columbia

MA Strategic Studies Provided feedback from Office of eLearning (1.31.2020).
BS Fitness Programming/Management Approved by BOC Academic Affairs Committee (1.30.2020).
MS Entrepreneurship/Innovation Requested update from the university (7.18.2020).
BS Political Science Returned preproposal (6.8.2019).
Professional Science Master's Returned preproposal (10.17.2019).
MS Sports Statistics Returned preproposal (12.4.2019).
PhD Translational Biosciences Returned preproposal (12.13.2019).
BA Public Administration and Policy Returned preproposal (12.12.2019).


University of Missouri -- Kansas City

BA Urban Journalism In ongoing conversations with the university. (1.22.2020).
MS Construction Management Returned preproposal to the university. (12.4.2019).
PhD Engineering Requested update from the univesity (6.11.2019).


University of Missouri -- St. Louis

MS Supply Chain Analytics Reviewing preproposal (1.28.2020)
MS Applied Behavior Analysis Returned preproposal (12.12.2019)
MS Financial Technology Returned preproposal (12.12.2019)
BA Applied Psychology of Child Advocacy Studies Returned preproposal (8.14.2019)


Missouri University of Science and Technology

MS Water Science and Engineering Reviewing preproposal (1.30.2020).
PhD Water Science and Engineering Reviewing preproposal (1.30.2020).
BS Education Reviewing preproposal (1.31.2020).



How to Propose a New Degree Program

NOTE: If you are submitting a new degree program proposal, bookmark this page and refer back to it frequently. By following the below steps, your proposal is more likely to move through the process quickly. For a basic timeline of the system-level degree program approval process, click here.

STEP 1: Complete a preliminary proposal. The preliminary proposal is intended to save time by providing institutions and the UM System an opportunity to preview a new degree program before extensive effort is put into drafting a full proposal. This saves time for both authors and reviewers. Following campus-based approval procedures, our office will do a quick review to make sure all relevant information is included and provide some feedback on how to effectively prepare a full proposal.

STEP 2: Complete a full proposal. The full proposal is more extensive than the preliminary proposal and great care should be taken in preparing it. We strongly recommend following the UM System's template in preparing your proposal. This will ensure that the relevant information is provided and likely reduce time to approval. Like the pre-proposal, the full proposal is first reviewed by your institution's office of the provost. Our office then reviewed the proposal in-depth, raising questions and providing comments intended to make the proposal as strong as possible. We often schedule phone calls with authors to discuss specifics and chart a path forward. This process generally takes 2-3 weeks to start, and is variable depending on the amount of feedback provided and the length of time it takes authors to incorporate said feedback.

STEP 3: External reviews. Following our office's approval of the full proposal and a final approval from your chancellor and provost is a period of external review. For non-doctoral programs, this includes a system wide review that lasts 20 working days. Campuses are encouraged to provide feedback that will enhance our office's and the Board of Curator's understanding of the new program in the system wide context. For doctoral programs, there is also an external review whereby other universities offering similar programs are asked to provide feedback on the proposal. For this reason, doctoral programs required a greater amount of time to approve. If little-to-no feedback is received, the proposal will proceed to Board of Curators consideration relatively quickly. Some feedback requires additional consideration and revisions, however.

STEP 4: Approval by the Board of Curators. For consideration at a board meeting, a proposal must be polished and finalized no later than three to four weeks ahead of the official meeting date (you can find the schedule of upcoming dates here), as determined by our office. This allows our office time to appropriately format and prepare documents for consideration by the Board of Curators Academic Affairs Committee and the full Board of Curators. During this period, you should begin preparing for the presentation of the program to both the committee and full board. Use this document as a guide.

  • Required documents:
    • A Word document outlining the key talking points the presenter(s) will use before the committee and board

STEP 5: Approval by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. Following approval by the Board of Curators, our office submits the proposal to the state. A proposal submitted in Month A will be reviewed by the Coordinating Board of Higher Education in Month B, and provisional approval granted in Month C. Once provisional approval is granted, your institution will be notified and our office degree program inventory will be updated. 


How to Modify Existing Programs & Propose a Certificate Program

While it may not be intuitive, the proposal process for creating a new certificate program and modifying an existing program (i.e. changing the title, emphasis areas, modality, or CIP code of a program) are quite similar. After campus-based approval procedures have been completed, there is a brief review by our office, followed by submission to the Missouri Department of Higher Education portal. Similarly to new degree programs, program changes submitted in Month A will be reviewed by the Coordinating Board of Higher Education in Month B, and provisional approval granted in Month C. Once approval is granted, your institution will be notified and our office degree program inventory will be updated. 

Want your program change to proceed without a hitch? Fill out our program change / certificate proposal form. By completing this form, you're helping to ensure our office has all of the information it needs to submit the proposal to the state as quickly as possible. 


Program Assessment

We are currently undergoing a process of reconciling our program assessment records. Therefore, some information included here may currently me out of date.

Pursuant to Collected Rules & Regulations, 20.035 Program Assessment and Audit, each department, center, and institute will undergo a cyclic process of assessment for the purpose of improving the quality of the educational opportunities provided by the academic unit.  The assessment will include any degree programs offered by the department. 

Summary Reports

After the assessment is complete, each academic unit will complete a Program Assessment Executive Summary.  Completed summaries are to be submitted via email to the UM System Academic Affairs Coordinator. The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs will post short summary reports on the UM website which are then accessible to any applicable state agency or department.


Reviewed 2020-01-31