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2005 Awards Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Atekwana Eliot GEOLOGY & GEOPHYSICS UM-Rolla Carbon cycling in sub-tropical blind river estuaries
Bohner Martin MATHEMATICS & STATISTICS UM-Rolla Applications of Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
Braddock-Wilking Janet Chemistry UM-St. Louis Synthesis of Group 14 Metallole Ring Systems
Glaser Rainer Chemistry UM-Columbia Conceptionally New Polar Materials
Koldobskiy Aleksandr Mathematics UM-Columbia Convex geometry and functional analysis
Li Aigen Physics & Astronomy UM-Columbia Modeling Dust Infrared Emission from Nearby Galaxies
Nabelek Peter Geological Sciences UM-Columbia Li isotopes as tracers of granite petrogenesis
OBrien James Chemistry UM-St. Louis Pump Laser for ILS Studies of Gas Phase Species
Sandvol Eric Geological Sciences UM-Columbia Mantle Dynamics and Continental Deformation in the Ispa
Speck Angela Physics & Astronomy UM-Columbia Astromineralogy: evolved stars in the Magellanic Clouds
Spilling Christopher Chemistry UM-St. Louis Upgrade of the X-ray Diffraction Facility
Srinivasan Hema Mathematics UM-Columbia Hilbert Functions and Matrix factorizations.
Vojta Thomas PHYSICS UM-Rolla Nonequilibrium quantum phase transitions

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