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2006 Awards Life Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Booth Frank Biological Sciences UMC Biological consequences of physical inactivity
Cocroft Reginald Biological Sciences UMC Measuring sexual selection on mating signals
Cornelison Dawn Biological Sciences UMC Lipid raft mediated signaling in myogenic stem cells
Fadel Paul Physiology UMC Sympathetic Overactivity in Heart Failure and Statins
Fang Deyu Molecular Micro. & Immuno UMC Synoviolin-mediated ubiquitination in arthritis.
Gassmann Walter Plant Microbiology and Pa UMC Cloning novel regulators of plant disease resistance
Gompper Matthew Fisheries & Wildlife Scie UMC Free-ranging dogs and wildlife in rural India
Johnson Marc Life Sciences Center UMC Elucidating the early steps of HIV assembly.
Kannan Raghuraman Radiology UMC Positron Emitting Y-86 Coated Fluorescent Gold Nanopart
Katz Martin Ophthalmology UMC Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy for Lysosomal Diseases
Kovarik M. Veterinary Biomedical Sci UMC Sympathetic premotor neuron alterations in cardiovascul
Laity John Cell Biology and Biophysi UMKC Characterization of the MTF-1 Metalloregualtory Domain
Leopold Jennifer COMPUTER SCIENCE UMR Identifying Non-Independence in Phylogenetic Data
Lubahn Dennis Biochemistry UMC Curing Prostate Cancer with Estrogens & Cyclopamine
McClure Bruce Agriculture Biochemistry UMC Endocytosis in pollen
Misfeldt Michael Molecular Micro. & Immuno UMC Viral Toll-like receptors in human adenoid tissue
Nagel Susan Obstetrics & Gynecology UMC Fetal programming of endometriosis-related genes
Nichols Michael Chemistry UMSL Structure-Function of Polymorphic Amyloid Assemblies
Peculis Brenda Biochemistry UMC Determination of the in vivo role of X29
Price Elmer Dalton Research Center UMC Peripheral Blood-Derived Multipotent Adult Stem Cells
Schechter Lisa Biology UMSL Regulation of Pseudomonas syringae type III secretion
Setzer David Biological Sciences UMC Assembly and Function of 5S RNA Transcription Complexes
Smith Ann Basic Medical Sciences UMKC Regulation of brain heme and its iron by hemopexin
Tipton Peter Biochemistry UMC Biosynthesis of PQS in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Wong Chung Chemistry UMSL Anti-plague agents targeting Yersinia protein tyrosine
Zolman Bethany Biology UMSL Growth chamber acquisition to enhance UMSL research
Zolman Bethany Biology UMSL Identifying IBR3-interacting proteins in Arabidopsis

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