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2008 Awards Engineering

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Banerjee Arindam Mech & Aerospace Engr Missouri S&T A 2-Wheel Ex perimental Facility to Study Large Acceleration
Cheng Jianlin Comp. Science UM-Columbia Machine Learning Methods for Protein Fold Recognition
Duan Ye Computer Sci. UM-Columbia A Dynamic Iteractive 3D Visualization System for Collaborati
Fan Jun Elec.&Comp Engr Missouri S&T Digital/RF Packaging Co-Design for Wireless Devices
Han Tony Elec & Comp Engr. UM-Columbia An Integrated framework for Detecting Human Abnormalities fr
Hosder Serhat Mech & Aerosp Engr Missouri S&T Efficient Uncertainty Quantification for Robust Design of Mi
Inniss Enos Engineering UM-Columbia Water Treatment Control Strategies Using Redox Potential
Kimball Jonathan Elect & Comp Engr. Missouri S&T Switched-Capacitor Converters for Alternative Energy Applica
Korkin Dmitry Comp. Sci. & Informatiacs UM-Columbia Predicting Molecular Mimicry in Host-Pathogen Interactions
Leon-Salas Walter CompSci&Elect. Engr UM-Kansas City On-Sensor Compression
Popescu Mihail Health Mgmt & Info. UM-Columbia Mining Electronic Medical Records Using Medical Ontologies
Rovey Joshua Mech. Aerospace Engr Missouri S&T Design of a Compact Toroid Plasma Thruster for Advance Space
Sengupta Shramik Biological Engr. UM-Columbia Nanoparticle Aided Rapid Separation,Detection & Quantitation
Takai Shun Interdisciplinary Engr. Missouri S&T Estimating the Cost of a New Product in the Conceptual Desig
Thompson Allen Biological Engr. UM-Columbia Characterization of Rainfall Energy Using Mobile Observation
Wang Cuizhen Geography UM-Columbia Mapping Invasive Sericea Lespedeza with Hyperspectral Satell

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