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2008 Awards Physical Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Ching Wai-Yim Physics UM-Kansas City Calculation of Long Range van der Waals - London Forces in B
Chusuei Charles Chemistry Missouri S&T Diels-Alder Functionalization & Electronic Control of Carbon
Gomez Francisco Geological Sci. UM-Columbia Space-Based Measurements of Movement Along the Dead Sea
Harris Wesley Chemistry/Biochemistry UM-St. Louis Metal Binding to Microbial Iron Transport Proteins
JiJi Renee Chemistry UM-Columbia Elucidating the Ab-Flavonoid Binding Mechanism
Koehn Hans-Fredrich Psychological Sciences UM-Columbia Reversibility of Order-Constrained Decomposition of Proximit
Liu Jingyue Nanoscience UM-St. Louis Acquisition of an X-ray Diffraction/Small Angle X-ray Scatte
Majzoub Eric Physics & Astronomy UM-St. Louis Producting state-of-the-art Nanoparticle Complex Hydrides fo
Priour Donald Physics UM-Kansas City Detecting & Characterizing Magnetic Nano-clusters in Diluted
Vajk Owen Physics/Astronomy UM-Columbia Structural Phase Instability in Multiferroic Hexagonal Rmn03
Wrobel Jerzy Physics UM-Kansas City Laser Ablation for Nanoparticle Production
Yu Ping Physics UM-Columbia A Novel Biomedical Imaging Technique Using ICCD

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