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2009 Awards Physical Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Caruso Anthony Physics UM-Kansas City Vibrating Sample Magnetometer Instrument Acquisition
Chellappan Sriram Computer Sci. Missouri S&T Securing Wireless Sensor Networks agains Mobility-Centric At
Chen Jie Mathematics UM-Kansas City Statistical approaches to the identification of DNA copy num
Choudhury Amitava Chemistry Missouri S&T Search for Potential Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batte
Cormier Marie-Helene Geological Sciences UM-Columbia Geological control on the spatial distributions of underwate
Girivaru Ravindra Math & Comp. Sci. UM-St. Louis Algebraic Cycles & Vector Bundles on smooth projective varie
Iosevich Alex Mathematics UM-Columbia Geometric configurations and Fourier Analysis
Jentschura Ulrich Physics Missouri S&T From Computational Field Theory to Practical Applications
McIntosh Daniel Physics UM-Kansas City Catching Galaxy Evolution in the Act: Role of Major Mergers
Mitrea Dorina Mathematics UM-Columbia Topics in Harmonic Analysis & Partial Differential Equations
Nabelek Peter Geological Sciences UM-Columbia Basaltic Magmatism & Metamorphism in the Canadian Artic
Nath Manashi Chemistry Missouri S&T Superconducting Nanowires from the Pnictide Oxide Family
Niemi Tina Geosciences UM-Kansas City Historical Onshore-Offshore Earthquake Rupture in the Gulf o
Singler John Mathematics & Statistics Missouri S&T POD-Based Balanced Model Reduction Algorithms for Linear Dis
Sun Jianguo (Tony) Statistics UM-Columbia Statistical Methods for Multivariate Interval-censored Failu
Taub Haskell Physics UM-Columbia Dynamical Studies of Adsorbed Bilayer Membranes
Wilking Bruce Physics & Astronomy UM-St. Louis The First Wave of Star Formation in the Ophiuchus  Serpens C
Woelk Klaus Chemistry Missouri S&T Mechanistic Study of the Hydrothermal Degradaiton of Glucose
Yamilov Alexey Physics Missouri S&T Electromagnetic wave transport through disordered amplifying

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