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2011 Awards Humanities and Fine Arts

Last name First name Campus Department Project title
Dean Joan UM-Kansas City English Lang & Lit Historical Pageantry In Modern Irel= and
Choo Jiun-Chyi Jesse UM-Kansas City History Mortuary Rituals & the Culture of Remembrance in Late Mediev
Toivanen Kati UM-Kansas City Art  &   Art History Digital Imaging:  Print Matters
Weirich Paul UM-Columbia Philosophy Regulation of Risks
Cairns Scott UM-Columbia English Idiot Psalms:  New Poems=
Kelly Martha UM-Columbia German & Rus. Studies Unorthodox Beauty: Russian Modernism & Its New Religious Aes
Carstens Vicki UM-Columbia English Noun Phrase Positions in Bantu
Lewis Trudy UM-Columbia English Radio Ranger:  A Novel
Baum Robert UM-Columbia Religious Studies From Many Paths: A History of African Religions
Brunero John UM-St. Louis Philosophy Intentions, Reasons, and Rationality
Pritchett Michael UM-Kansas City Engligh Lang & Lit. Saints & Strangers
Levy Ellen UM-Columbia English A Place at the Table
Morello Peter UM-Kansas City Communications Haiti  & "COR&q= uot;: Examining the Functionality of a Partanershi
Bruening Michael Missouri S&T History& Political Sci. John Calvin's "Calvinist" Opponents
Gupta Bina UM-Columbia Philosophy The Advaita Vedanta Theory of Inference
Rymph Catherine UM-Columbia History Rearing Government Children: Foster Care & the American Welf
Langdon Susan UM-Columbia Art History & Class. Arac Archaic Terracotta Figurines from the Sanctuary of Demeter &
Dilks Stephen UM-Kansas City English Lang & Lit Alfred Tennyson as a Professional Writer
Drowne Kathleen Missouri S&T English & Tech. Comm The Black Flapper: Jazz Age Stories of Modrn Black Women
Carroll Joseph UM-St. Louis English What Fiction is About: An Evolutionary Perspective
Allman Ricky UM-Kansas City Art & Arat History Hope in the Apocalypse - Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Waller Susan UM-St. Louis Art & Art History Model Performances in the Third Republic

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