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2011 Awards Life Sciences

Last name First name Campus Department Project title
Read G. Sullivan UM-Kansas City Biology Activation of Cap-Independent Trans= lation by a Multi-functio
Wong Chung UM-St. Louis Chemistry Advancing Drug Candidates for YopH of Yersinia Pestis
Andresen Bradley UM-Columbia Med - Endocrinology Functional Significance of the G alpha s-GRK4 Gamma Interact
Teixeiro-Pernas Emma UM-Columbia Molec. Micro & Immun Defining the Intracellular Mechanisms that Drive T Cell Memo
Clarke Lane UM-Columbia Biomedical Sciences Modulatoin of Cftr to Minimize Crypt Damage During Chemother
Gompper Matthew UM-Columbia Fisheries & Wildlife Sci Dog Mass Vaccination & Population Growth: Assessing Manageme
Steiniger Mindy UM-St. Louis Biology Characterization of the Poly(A) & Histone Pre-mRNA 3' End Co
Bhat Hari UM-Kansas City Sch. Of Pharmacy Reseveratrol as a Chemopreventive Agent Against Breast Cance
Brown Marybeth UM-Columbia SHP/Physical Therapy Sex Hormone Effects on the Recove4ry of Atrophic Bone & Musc
Cornish Peter UM-Columbia Biochemistry Investigation of RNA Unwinding & Ribosomal Frameshifting
Schul Johannes UM-Columbia Biological Sci. The Evolutionary Neurobiology of a Female Preference
Cooley Jason UM-Columbia Chemistry Deep-UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Membrane Proteins fo
Sharp Robert UM-Columbia Plant Sciences Root Growth Under Drought -- Novel Insights from Plasma Memb
Garcia Michael UM-Columbia Biological Sciences Role of NF-M C-Terminus in Neuronal Maturation
Gassmann Walter UM-Columbia Life Sci. Ctr. Balancing of Plant Development $ Immune Responses by SRFR1
Will Matthew UM-Columbia Psychological Sciences Neurobiology of Feeding Behavior: Humger vs. Hedonics
Wang Jianping UM-Kansas City Pharmacy Alcohol Treatment, Sonic Hedgehog & Granule Neuron Precursor
Mukherji Mridul UM-Kansas City Pharmacy Chemical Co-Substrate Rescue of TET2 Mutations from Myeloid

Reviewed 2013-08-06.