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2013 Awards Life Sciences

Last nameFirst nameCampusDepartmentProject title
Holliday Casey UM-Columbia Path & Anat Sci Alligator Mandible Functionable Morphology
Idnurm Alexander UM-Kansas City  Biology Ballistospore Genes in Basidiomycete Fungi
Johnson Marc UM-Columbia Molec Microbio & Immunolo  A Novel Screen for Compounds that Target Latent HIV
Katz Martin UM-Columbia Opthalmology Gene and Stem Cell Therapy for an Inherited Neurodegene
Khare Sharad
UM-Columbia Medicine-Gastroenterology Pathology of Colorectal Cancer Metastases
Milescu Lorin
UM-Columbia Biological Sciences Neuronal Mechanisms for Respiratory Rhythm
O'Connor Michael
UM-Columbia Biology Ribosomal Recruitment of the Trans-Translational Complex
Peculis Brenda
UM-Columbia Biochemistry Molecular/Genetic Pathways Impacted by Nucleardecapping
Price Jeffrey UM-Columbia Biology Circadian Control of Cell Death and Neurodegeneration
Sherman Michael UM-Columbia Child Health Lactoferrin as a Novel Adjuvant in Infant Vaccines
Stich Roger UM-Columbia Vet. Pathobiology Canine Carriers of Zoonotic Anaplasmataceae
Tanaka Tomoko UM-Columbia
Surgery Spinal Cord Injury and Gold Nano Medicine
Thimgan Matthew
Missouri S&T Biological Sci. Regulation of Sleep by Lipid Metabolic Enzymes
Wiegand Bryon UM-Columbia Animal Science Shelf-Stability in Pork Products
Zolman Bethany UM-Columbia Biology Characterizing the Regulation of Peroxisomal Functions

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