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Available free to UM faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.  Select your institution below.




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All faculty members, postdocs and graduate students can utilize NCFDD resources free of charge. The UM System Office of Academic Affairs covers the cost of the NCFDD institutional member in its budget so that an unlimited number of eligible users at MU, UMKC, Missouri S&T and UMSL can use these resources for their professional development. You can activate your membership by selecting your institution on the right. If you have any trouble registering of you have questions about the membership, please email

You can also access a recording of the February 25, 2022 NCFDD Informational Session here for more information.



The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) is an independent faculty development center that offers live and recorded webinars, courses, mentoring, and workshops on a wide variety of topics for faculty at different stages of their careers. Topics range from cultivating your network of mentors and sponsors, engaging in healthy conflict, overcoming academic perfection, mastering academic time management, the art of saying "no," and many others. 

The UM System has an institutional membership to NCFDD, meaning any faculty member, post-doctoral fellow, graduate or professional student at a UM System university can access the breadth of NCFDD resources at any time. You can find a list of NCFDD Spring 2022 Events by clicking here

Resources for Institutional Members

  • Monthly Core Curriculum Webinars
  • Guest Expert Webinars and Multi-Week Courses
  • Library of All Prior Trainings
  • Monday Motivator
  • 14-Day Writing Challenges
  • Dissertation Success Curriculum for Graduate Students
  • Buddy Matching (by request)

Faculty Success Program (FSP)

The Faculty Success Program is a 12-week virtual bootcamp hosted by NCFDD several times per year. In the FSP, academics work directly with a coach and a small group of other faculty to implement the skills and strategies to maximize their success. The program is for advanced post-docs, tenure-track faculty and tenured faculty looking for coaching and peer support to propel their research productivity and work-life balance to new levels. 

Each academic year, each UM university - MU, UMKC, S&T, and UMSL - will provide scholarships to cover the cost of the program ($4,550/faculty member) for 3-4 individuals to participate in the FSP. Each campus will manage its own application process. 

FSP Summer 2022 Timeline

Date Action
February 2022 Call for applications go live at MU, UMKC, S&T, and UMSL
February 16, 2022 Priority Registration begins ($800 discount - $4,150 per person)
February 25, 2022, 12pm Informational Session for Faculty Members (System-wide)
March 11, 2022 Priority Registration ends ($800 discount - $4,150 per person)
March 21, 2022 Early Bird Registration begins ($400 discount - $4,550 per person)
April 13, 2022 Early Bird Registration ends ($400 discount  $4,550 per person)
April 20, 2022 All Registration ends ($4,950 per person)
May 15, 2022 Faculty Success Program begins
August 6, 2022 Faculty Success Program concludes


If you have any general questions regarding the UM System's institutional membership, please contact the UM System Office of Academic Affairs at

Reviewed 2022-02-28