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President’s Award for Research and Creativity

For a Sustained Recognized Record of Research and Creativity


To honor a University of Missouri faculty member for a sustained nationally and internationally recognized record of research and/or creativity.

Previous Recipients

Year                 Honoree Department Campus
2010 Richard K. Brow Curators' Professor of Ceramic Science and Engineering Missouri S&T
2009 Miles L. Patterson Professor of Psychology UM-St. Louis
2008 Ken Sher Curators' Professor of Psychological Science UM-Columbia
2007 Jay A. Switzer Professor of Chemistry UM-Rolla
2006 Randall Prather Professor of Animal Sciences UM-Columbia
2005 Antonio Nanni Professor of Civil Engineering UM-Rolla
2004 S. Dale Cutkosky Curator's Professor of Mathematics UM-Columbia
2003 Joseph Carroll Professor of English UM-St. Louis
2002 Joyce Corey Professor of Chemistry UM-St. Louis
2001 Robert E. Ricklefs Department of Biology UM-St. Louis
2000 Jerry L. Atwood Curators' Professor of Chemistry UM-Columbia
1999 Sherod Santos Professor of English UM-Columbia
1998 Patricia Resick Professor of Psychology UM-St.Louis
1997 R. Michael Roberts Curators' Professor of Veterinary Pathobiology, Animal Science and Biochemistry UM-Columbia
1996 Delbert E. Day Curators' Professor of Ceramic Engineering UM-Rolla
1995 Peter Wolfe Professor of English UM-St. Louis
1994 Frank E. Moss Professor of Physics and Astronomy UM-St Louis
1993 Daniel W. Armstrong Curators' Professor of Chemistry UM-Rolla
1992 H. Carl Gerhardt Professor of Biological Sciences UM-Columbia
1991 Ronald E. Olson Curators' Professor of Physic UM-Rolla
1990 Robert W. Murray Curators' Professor of Chemistry UM-St. Louis
1989 Sudarshan K. Loyalka Professor of Nuclear Engineering UM-Columbia
1988 Daniel U. Levine Professor of Education UM-Kansas City
1987 Nigel J. Kalton Professor of Mathematics UM-Columbia
1986 Eugene J. Meehan Professor of Political Science UM-St. Louis
1985 Margaret Sayers-Peden Professor of Spanish UM-Columbia
1984 Manfred R. G. Wuttig Professor of Metallurgical Engineering UM-Rolla
1983 Samuel A. Werner Professor of Physics UM-Columbia
1982 Jacob J. Leventhal Professor of Physics UM-St. Louis
1981 Laird D. Schearer Professor of Physics UM-Rolla
1980 Karl Nolph Professor of Medicine UM-Columbia

Reviewed 2012-01-06.