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REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS For Construction Manager at Risk Project Number KC656201 Project Name MIDE Lab Space Renovation

Advertisement Bids

Sealed bids for: REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS For Construction Manager at Risk Project Number KC656201 Project Name MIDE Lab Space Renovation

Project Number: KC656201

Status: Active

Advertisement Date: 17/07-2023

Campus: Kansas City

Construction Estimate:



Construction Manager at Risk

Project Number


Project Name

MIDE Lab Space Renovation

For the Curators of the

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Campus Facilities Planning, Design and Construction

Kansas City, MO

Date: July 17, 2023

University of Missouri – Kansas City

Planning, Design and Construction

1011 E. 51st Street, Room 101

Kansas City, MO 64110

Telephone: (816) 235-1370


Qualifications for Construction Manager at Risk Services

Project Number KC656201

MIDE Lab Space Renovation


Kansas City, MO 64110

will be received by the Curators of the University of Missouri, Owner, ELECTRONICALLY via a

flash drive or email to Greg Silkman at, until 1:30 p.m. C.T., August 11,

2023. No other information will be shared publicly until the step-one evaluation is complete.

Individuals with special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act may contact

Janet Stebbins at (816) 235-1370.

Advertisement Date: July 17, 2023

Greg Silkman

Assistant Director

Planning, Design & Construction

University of Missouri – Kansas City

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS – Construction Manager at Risk with Guaranteed Maximum

Price (GMP)

Advertisement Date: July 17, 2023

Project No. KC656201

MIDE Secure Lab Space Renovation

The University of Missouri – Kansas City is requesting qualifications from firms to provide Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) with guaranteed maximum price services for the renovation of approximately 5,000 square feet of space to create a highly secured workspace. Qualifications will be received on a flash drive or by email to Greg Silkman, . Flash drives shall be delivered at Campus Facilities, room 101, General Services Building, University of Missouri – Kansas City, Missouri 64110, and all submissions will be received until 1:30 PM Central Time, August 11, 2023. No other information will be shared until the evaluation process is complete.

This project shall have a Supplier Diversity participation goal of 20% combined MBE, WBE, DBE, and Veteran Supplier Diversity, and 3% SDVE of the GMP. The Construction Manager at Risk is strongly encouraged to include minority and women owned firms. CMRs are also strongly encouraged to include Missouri-based firms on the team.

General Project Information

This project consists of the renovation of approximately 5,000 square feet of space in a building constructed in the early 1970’s. The project consists of demolition of CMU walls, flooring, and MEP. New work includes walls, doors, ceilings, lighting, fire alarm, security, fire suppression modifications, lighting, power, mechanical, plumbing.

A portion of the space will be shared with a Federal Government entity. The entire space will have significant security needs and requirements. Due to the nature of this project each person involved with the project is required to go through a background check and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). All documents issued and created for this project are Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU).

Description of Selection Process

The construction manager at risk will be selected using a two-step process.

Step One - Request for Qualifications (RFQ) shall consist of the review and ranking of each respective firm’s qualifications and responses to the university’s selection criteria as stated herein. This is a competitive process with points awarded for each category of the selection criteria. The university will utilize a review panel to evaluate the offerings and establish a preliminary ranking of the firms. Five or fewer firms with the highest preliminary ranking based on the firm’s responses to the selection criteria will be interviewed by the owner’s panel. At a minimum, the proposed project director/executive, senior project manager(s), scheduling manager(s), assisting project manager(s) and superintendent(s) shall attend the interview. The interview will include introductions with each proposed staff member summarizing their responsibilities and experience, followed by a question-and-answer session conducted by the Owner. The questions will not be provided prior to the interview. No presentations will be allowed except for graphics the interviewee may present to illustrate potential construction phasing, site logistics, etc.

Step Two - Request for Proposals (RFP): Following the establishment and ranking of the short-listed firms, the RFP documents will be issued to the short-listed firms. The short-listed firms shall submit their cost proposal in a sealed envelope, including their construction phase fee, lump sum cost for fulfilling the general conditions, cost of insurance and cost of performance and payment bonds, all in accordance with the step two provisions. The Preconstruction Services scope and fee will be negotiated following receipt of proposals, but prior to contract award. Upon the successful conclusion of the negotiation, the Preconstruction Services scope shall be included in provision D.2. and the Preconstruction Fee shall be included in provision D.5., both within the Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Constructer.

In addition to the information provided herein, a matrix detailing services to be included in each category will be issued in the RFP documents. All information submitted in Step One with respect to project specific organizational structure, staffing, and other selection criteria, in addition to the Step Two documents, shall establish the basis for Step Two pricing. Following contract award, the successful firm shall be required to provide, at a minimum, all staffing and services detailed in the firm’s responses to selection criteria in step one and as otherwise required by the contract documents.

The final selection of the construction manager at risk will be based on a 2500 point system. Forty percent (40%) (1000 points) will be awarded as established by the review panel based on qualifications, responses to the university’s selection criteria, references, and the interviews, under a competitive process. Thirty (30) bonus points will be awarded to an SDVE proposer. The 30 bonus points will be added to the SDVE’s qualifications score as established by the Owner’s evaluation committee. The 30 bonus points are available only to an SDVE firm submitting a proposal directly to the Owner.

The remaining sixty percent (60%) (1500 points) will be awarded based on the sum total of, the construction phase fee, the lump sum for fulfilling the general conditions, the cost of insurance and performance and payment bonds. For evaluation purposes, the construction phase percentage fee will be multiplied by the anticipated construction budget to establish the overhead and profit component of the price. The lowest total price submission will receive 1500 points. Ascending price submission totals from other firms will be awarded price points on a pro rata basis.

The firm with the highest point total (qualifications/selection criteria + price points) will be deemed to provide the best value and will be the apparent successful firm. The university will then engage in negotiations with the apparent successful firm to establish final contract terms, including Preconstruction Services scope and cost. If the university is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the apparent successful firm, negotiations will cease and the university will negotiate with the next highest ranked firm and so on until an acceptable contract is reached or negotiations end. The university will make the determination as to when negotiations are at a stalemate and are no longer productive.


The following schedule is subject to change but represents the University’s intent.

July 17, 2023, RFQ CMR Advertisement

August 11, 2023, Receive Qualifications

August 23, 2023, Owner panel’s review of qualifications .

September 6, 2023, Interview firms

September 7, 2023, Notice to shortlisted firms – issue Step Two (RFP) documents.

September 13, 2023, Pre-Proposal Meeting with short listed firms

October 4, 2023 , Receipt of proposals

October 11, 2023, Contract terms and preconstruction scope and cost negotiation meeting with apparent successful firm

October 13, 2023, Contract award


Irrespective of any point totals, mandatory requirements for pre-qualification include:

  • Successful completion of project(s) similar in value and scope by both the firm and the firm’s proposed team.
  • Experience modification rate of less than 1.0.
  • No work-related fatalities in the last three years.
  • Adequate financial stability as determined by the Owner
  • Licensed to conduct business in the State of Missouri

The above stated criteria shall apply to the firm’s office that will be actively managing this project. Firms not meeting these mandatory requirements will not be short listed.

The owner reserves the right to seek clarifications.

Description of the Qualification Process

Qualifications of respondents to this RFQ will be evaluated based upon the financial responsibility, safety record, ability to adhere to schedules, experience the firm and the firm’s proposed project team has had with projects of similar size, construction type, schedule and scope and other information included in the qualification packet. The Owner will assign an evaluation team comprised of representatives from the design team and the Owner’s staff to evaluate and score the respondent’s qualifications material. A point total of 1000 points has been assigned to the qualification criteria enclosed herein.

The weighting of the points for the qualifications packet will be as follows:

TAB 1 - 400 points

TAB 2 - 200 points

TAB 3 - 100 points

TAB 4 - 300 points

Firms not meeting these mandatory requirements will not be short listed.

The owner reserves the right to seek clarifications.

QUALIFICATION PACKET: Each respondent shall submit one electronic copy of the Qualifications to

PROJECT MANAGER’s NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS. Qualifications shall be a maximum of ten (10) one-sided 8 ½ x 11 pages, not including the organizational chart and bar chart, personnel resumes/qualifications, and financial statements.


1. Furnish a brief history of how your company was founded and how it evolved, how long the company has been in business, a list of the company’s primary officers and their duties. The contractor will be required to have qualified key personnel in the office and at the construction site who have served in similar project team roles and had previous experience with projects of a similar scope and complexity. Furnish an organizational chart showing all persons who will be involved with this project and their roles and responsibilities. Include a short narrative for each individual detailing their experience in a similar role that qualifies them for this project. Include a graphic illustrating the timing, duration and percent FTE of each individual. Include the staff member(s) who will be responsible for developing and updating the construction schedule. Include preconstruction staff. Furnish a resume for all staff listed on the organizational chart listing his/her name, education, experience, time with the company and experience with projects of similar scope and complexity. Resumes submitted in this qualification shall be for the actual individuals that will directly supervise the work. These individuals are to be maintained in their respective roles for the durations indicated in the organizational chart.

No change in the proposed staff members will be considered unless such changes are directed by the Owner or extenuating circumstances exist that merit such consideration. Under any circumstance, no changes will be allowed without the consent of the Owner. The Construction Manager shall provide a minimum of twenty-one (21) calendar days-notice to allow consideration of the proposed change by the Owner. Personnel proposed as a replacement for any staff member submitted with the response to the RFQ shall have similar qualifications and experience as that staff member proposed for replacement. The supporting documentation included in paragraph 1. above shall be submitted with the 21-day notice. Failure of the Construction Manager to comply with this requirement may result in the suspension of the Construction Manager from participation on future University of Missouri projects for a period of one year.


Provide a list of recent projects of a similar scope and complexity completed by your firm. Include the delivery method, location, description of the work scope and amount. Provide references with contact information for each project listed. Do not include projects on this list that are not similar in scope and complexity to this project.


1. Provide total annual volume of construction work completed for each of the past five years.

2. Provide projected volume for the upcoming year. Provide a project listing and tabulation.

3. Provide your firm’s bonding capacity.


1. Describe how your firm will collaborate with the design team and Owner during the Preconstruction phase. Provide a list of proposed Preconstruction Services to use as a basis for negotiation of the preconstruction scope and fee.

2. Describe your firms cost estimating capabilities and processes.

3. Describe how your firm will solicit Supplier Diversity participation.

4. Describe your firm’s safety program. Provide a copy of the table of contents from the manual.

5. Provide your firms EMR, TRIR and DART for each of the last three (3) years.

6. Describe your firm’s subcontractor prequalification process (if applicable) and strategies to be utilized to ensure open bidding and equal opportunity for subcontractors, regardless of labor affiliations, including for the procurement of sub-subcontractors.

7. Describe the firm’s quality assurance program. Provide a copy of the table of contents from the manual.

8. Describe the scheduling programs and strategies to be utilized to maintain each phase of the project schedule including how subcontractor input will be incorporated, how scheduled versus completed will be monitored and updated, how weather will be managed and how work will be accelerated if schedule slippage occurs. Describe how long lead items will be identified and procured to facilitate the Owner’s schedule requirements.

Financial Statement (Separate document in sealed envelope or email)

1. Provide your organization’s most recent audited financial statements


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Reviewed 2023-07-18