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Prevailing Wage / Labor Compliance

"The prevailing wage rates in the community where construction takes place shall be required to be paid on all construction projects for construction work" (70.060 of the Collected Rules and Regulations).  This applies to any construction work performed by non-university personnel to any property the University owns or leases.

This program is managed by the Prevailing Wage Coordinator who is also responsible for OSHA 10 compliance by contractors and subcontractors working on University projects.  This policy and the contract conditions are enforced by conducting worker interviews on project sites, reviewing certified payroll reports, conducting audits of contractor payroll records and fringe benefit contributions, reviewing contractor apprenticeship standards, attending pre-bid and pre-construction conferences.  In addition, the Coordinator will provide clarification of state and federal regulations, resolve conflicts and assist University construction management, system wide.

This information is provided to assist University staff, contractors and subcontractors working on and bidding University projects.  Please call Butch Garrett, Prevailing Wage Coordinator, if you need assistance at 573-864-0921 or

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Reviewed 2024-04-08