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Staff Directory

Beth Asbury

Beth Asbury

Director, Facilities Planning and Development

Phone: (573) 882-9354

E-mail: asburyb@umsystem.edu

Charles D. Bouse Jr.

UM System Architect

Phone: (573) 882-9350

E-mail: bousec@umsystem.edu

Butch Garrett

Prevailing Wage Coordinator

Phone: (573) 884-7079

E-mail: garrettab@umsystem.edu

Dennis Haynes

Building Code Administrator

Phone: (573) 882-4766

E-mail: haynesdj@umsystem.edu

Toni Monsen

Contract Specialist

Phone: (573) 882-2321

E-mail: monsent@umsystem.edu

Vickie Moore

Capital Budget Analyst

Phone: (573) 882-1477

E-mail: moorevm@umsystem.edu

John Neal

Associate Director for Construction Operations

Phone: (573) 882-4878

E-mail: nealj@umsystem.edu

Greg Neuner

UM System Engineer

Phone: (573) 882-7556

E-mail: neunerg@umsystem.edu


Reviewed January 25, 2019.