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2006 Awards Engineering

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Apel Derek Mining Engineering UMR High-resolution target movement monitor
Bham Ghulam Civil Engr. UMR Modeling Driver Behavior In Traffic Simulation Models
Corzine Keith Electrical Engineering UMR Electric Motor Drives with Advanced Energy Storage
DeSouza Guilherme Electrical Eng. UMC DistributedArchitectureforVisionIntensiveSensorNetworks
Ferdowsi Mehdi ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING UMR Vehicular Applications of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
Forciniti Daniel Chemical Engr. UMR Development of a Novel Protein Precipitation Method
Ge Yu-Ning Civil Engr. UMR Using PIV and Silica Gels in Soil Mechanics Research
Grantham Lough Katie Basic Engineering UMR Ear Mark Risk with RED (Risk in Early Design)
Kang Hyung Mathematics and Computer UMSL Computational Approach for Stroke-based Rendering
Kwon Jae Wan Electrical Eng. UMC Rapid Cancer Sensing Based on Resonant Mass SensorArray
Legarsky Justin Electrical Eng. UMC Processing High-Res Radar and Commercial Sat Imagery
Ma Hongbin Mech/Aerospace Engineerin UMC Nanofluid Oscillating Heat Pipe
Shi Hongchi Computer Engineering & Co UMC Cramer-Rao Analysis of Localization in Sensor Networks
Washer Glenn Civil & Enviromental Engi UMC Optimization of Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers
Winholtz Robert Mech/Aerospace Engineerin UMC Real-Time Neutron Radiography for Heat Pipe Dynamics
Xiao Chengshan Electrical Eng. UMC High Data Rate Underwater Acoustic Communications
Zhang Chuanjun Engineering UMKC Ultra LowPower Microprocesor Design for Sensor Networks
Zheng Yahong ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING UMR Cooperative Multiuser Transceivers for Wireless Network

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