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Previous President's Award for Economic Development

  • The Economic Development Award recognizes faculty for distinguished activity in meeting the University of Missouri's goal of serving as an economic engine for the state and its citizens. Awardees will demonstrate entrepreneurial innovation in using the classroom, outreach programs or the laboratory as vehicles for increasing or developing new economic activity in the state.
This Year's Recipient
Year Honoree Department Campus
2019 Raghu Kannan Radiology and Bioengineering UM-Columbia


Previous Recipients


Year Honoree Department(s) Campus
Anthony Luppino  
School of Law UM-Kansas City
2017 James Niemann Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic (ELC) UM-Columbia
2015 David J. Patterson Division of Animal Sciences UM-Columbia
2014 Hao Li Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering UM-Columbia
2013 Marilyn J. Rantz Sinclair School of Nursing UM-Columbia
2012 Thomas G. Johnson Agriculture and Applied Economics UM-Columbia
2011 Kattesh V. Katti Radiology; Physics and Astronomy UM-Columbia

Reviewed 2019-10-25