Previous President’s Award for Excellence (Early Career and Sustained Career)


There are two categories of Faculty Awards for Excellence. 

  • The Early Career Award recognizes faculty who exhibit exceptional promise within their first seven years with the university. Promise may be demonstrated in scholarship, research, or creativity. Total professional experience since award of highest degree cannot exceed ten years.
  • The Sustained Excellence Award recognizes faculty for distinguished career-long, sustained excellence in scholarship, research, or creativity, for a period of fifteen or more years.
This Year's Early Career Award Recipient
Year Honoree Department Campus
2018 James Schiffbauer Geological Sciences UM-Columbia

Previous Recipients

Early Career
Year Honoree Department Campus
2017 Justin Walensky Chemistry UM-Columbia
2016 Michela Becchi Electrical and Computer Engineering UM-Columbia
2015 Gavin McLean King Physics and Biochemistry UM-Columbia
2014 Richard Dawes Chemistry Missouri S&T
2013 Suzanna Kay Long Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Missouri S&T
2012 Anthony Caruso Physics and Astronomy UM-Kansas City
2011 Jay J. Thelen Associate Professor of Biochemistry UM-Columbia


This Year's Sustained Career Award Recipient
Year Honoree Department Campus
2018 Sajal Das Computer Science Missouri S&T

Previous Recipients

Sustained Career
Year Honoree Department Campus
2017 Wai-Yim Ching Physics UM-Kansas City
2016 Ashim Mitra Pharmacy UM-Kansas City
2015 James Birchler Biological Sciences UM-Columbia
2014 Jerry Taylor Genetics and Animal Sciences UM-Columbia
2013 Bahram Mashhoon Department of Physics and Astronomy UM-Columbia
2012 Grace Y. Sun Biochemistry UM-Columbia
2011 Nelson Cowan Professor of Psychology UM-Columbia

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