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Access to IT Accounts & Electronic Information


Consistent with the principles outlined in the University's Acceptable Use Policy, each business unit will establish a process for granting access to accounts or resources of University faculty, staff and students when access is requested by someone other than the account holder or resource manager. This process will apply in circumstances other than those identified in Section 110.005.A.1-3 of the University's Collected Rules and Regulations.


  1. Requests must be documented and retained by the VP for Information Technology or by the Chief Information Officer at each business unit.
  2. Each business unit must implement a process for handling requests for access to accounts or resources that includes approval from an individual at least two supervisory levels above the user of the account. The following approvals are also required:
    1. For students (including student employees)--Dean of Students or designee
    2. For Staff--Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, Chancellor or Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer or designee
    3. For Faculty--a) approval from the Chancellor or Provost or designee and b) approval from the Faculty Council Chair
    4. All requests also require approval by the business unit Chief Information Officer (CIO) or designee

Note: This policy only addresses access to electronic resources. Subsequent use or disposition of the information is subject to applicable University policies, laws or regulations.

Preservation of electronically stored information may be authorized by a General Officer or their direct reports in advance of an approval to access such information.

Approved March 24, 2010

Reviewed 2024-02-01