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MFA for E-Mail

The University of Missouri strives to protect personal information as well institutional data and the information systems on which such data resides. Phishing and other cybercrime activities that can lead to loss or exposure of sensitive data as well as identity theft are a constant threat. The University has implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to combat such threats. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an added layer of protection that verifies your identity by using additional devices or applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required on all accounts unless noted below or granted an exception by the campus Information Security Officer (ISO).

  • People, Guest, Admin and Resource type accounts must have MFA enabled by default
  • Resource account mailboxes will have interactive authentication disabled by default
  • Service accounts with Exchange mailboxes will have MFA enabled by default
  • Service accounts without Exchange mailboxes will have MFA disabled by default

Reviewed 2021-05-06