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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity 5 Tips for Being #CyberSmart

  • Never share your multi-factor authorization code with anyone. The university will never ask for your password or code. 
  • Strong passwords are safe passwords. Strong passwords are long, unique, and randomly generated.  
  • Recognize and report phishing. Think before you click and hover over suspicious links to see and identify the sender.  
  • Update your software. Hackers don’t sleep, so turn on automatic updates to ensure your computer stays protected year-round.  
  • Contact your campus security team to report suspicious activity and links.

Cybersecurity Images

A selection of images that can be used as banners on your websites, social media pages and LED screens.

Digital Cleanup Day

Tips on how you and your office can participate in Digital Cleanup Day

Please find more information at

Reviewed 2024-02-28