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Shortcuts for a Simpler Email Experience

The university has implemented and will continue to add shortcuts and add-ins for a simpler email experience for all users. Learn more about some of these below or click on a header to expand the selection and uncover additional information about specific questions.

Report Message Add-In

The Report Message add-in for Outlook clients and Outlook on the web enables people to easily report when harmless emails are marked as harmful, or when harmful emails make it through existing safety measures. The add-on let's you quickly and easily report the issue to Microsoft and the UM System security operations team for analysis.

Why should I use the Report Message Add-In for Suspicious Emails?

Microsoft automatically analyzes submissions to improve the effectiveness of their email protection technologies by adjusting security policies that impact their customers. The UM System security operations team also uses submission information to adjust security policies designed to protect our users.


Do I need to install the add-in myself?

No. The add-in is managed by our Microsoft 365 administrators and has been automatically added to any mailbox hosted in Exchange Online and any user’s mailbox. As long as you use a supported client, the add-in will be available.


What clients are supported?

The following client applications are supported.
  • Outlook on the web
  • Outlook 2013 SP1 or later for Windows
  • Outlook 2016 for Mac
  • Outlook included with Microsoft 365 apps for Enterprise
  • Outlook app for iOS and Android

Note: The Report Message add-in is not available for mailboxes that are still hosted in on-premises Exchange.


How do I use the add-in?

After the add-in has been installed and enabled, it can be used in the following ways depending on the client:

Outlook desktop client

A button will be added to the ribbon called Report Message. Open the message you would like to report, click the button and choose what type of email needs to be reported.

Desktop Client Ribbon

Outlook for the web

Open the message you would like to report and open the message options menu by clicking on the image of three dots in the email header next to the reply options. Select the Report Message add-in and choose the submission type.

Outlook for the web

Outlook mobile for iOS and Android

Open the message you would like to report and open the message options menu by clicking on the image of three dots under the date in the email header. Select the Report Message add-in and choose the submission type.

"Outlook Mobile"

With all clients, you will receive a pop-up notification before submitting the report. This can be disabled in the options menu within the add-in if you would like to skip this step in the future. The notification might look different depending on your client, but the wording will be the same.

Message Report Notice

What if my email contains sensitive information?

Microsoft is approved for the storage of DCL 4 data, meaning you can submit the email to them using this method. However, if you are concerned about the security of the content in the email, you are still able to directly submit the email to your campus security team for analysis.


I don't see the add-in for my supported client. What do I do?

Try restarting your client or the device your client is running on. If this does not cause the add-in to show up, please contact your tech support team for assistance.


Cortana Daily Briefings

Cortana Daily Briefing is an email you will receive once your mailbox is migrated to the M365 cloud environment.The briefing summarizes what’s most important for the day ahead to help you feel more in control of your calendar and tasks. Cortana will send you the briefing email near the start of your workday (as set in Outlook) when/if you have relevant tasks. Below you can see some of the tasks Cortana Daily Briefings can help you do.

Prepare for Meetings

Prepare for meetings

  • Review documents and tasks that help you prepare for upcoming meetings.
  • Open related documents and emails directly from Briefing, which saves you from having to search for them.

Keep Your Commitments

Keep your commitments

  • Follow up on email commitments and requests that might have fallen through the cracks.
  • You can mark a task as done, and it won’t be shown again, or dismiss one that’s not relevant, which helps Cortana learn what type of information is helpful to you.

Schedule Focus Time

Schedule focus time

  • Dedicate time on your calendar to work on outstanding tasks and prepare for meetings without interruption.

Who has access to my daily briefing email?

Only you can see your Briefing email, which summarizes existing information that’s already available directly in your Office 365 mailbox. You can unsubscribe at any time with the Unsubscribe link at the end of every email.


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Reviewed 2021-06-03