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Records Center User Guide - What Records to Send

It is a good practice to review records at least annually.  While reviewing records, you may destroy outdated records that are beyone the university retention authorizations and send inactive records Records Center for storage.

All University records that have official retention schedules can be stored in the Records Center. This includes most records commonly found in all departments and many records specific to a single department.

Records that do not have retention schedules may be stored in the Records Center, provided the department agrees to the development of a retention schedule for their records at the earliest possible time. The development of a schedule insures that the records will be retained long enough to meet the University's needs.

What NOT to Send
  • Active records (referred to more than monthly)
  • Outdated or obsolete material
  • Non-record material: (see Records General Policy #23001 for more detail)
  • Extra reference copies of records
  • Stocks of publications, pamphlets, blank forms, etc.
  • Private materials
  • If in doubt, contact records management at recordsmanagement@umsystem.edu before sending.

Reviewed 2018-04-30.