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Records Management Office

2910 LeMone Blvd.

Columbia, MO 65211

(573) 882-7652

Records and Information Management

The mission of the University of Missouri System four-campus Records and Information Management Program is to establish the criteria for retention of records to ensure the University retains the necessary information to meet legal, financial, administrative, research, and historical needs and to provide an efficient forms management program for the orderly gathering and processing of University information in the most cost-effective manner.

The Records Management Program accomplishes its mission by:

  • Helping to create records that are necessary for the efficient and successful operation of the University
  • Saving records and information that are necessary for the continued operation of the university
  • Creating no more records than are necessary
  • Retaining no more records than are necessary
  • Retrieving stored records when they are needed
  • Establishing effective filing systems
  • Operating an efficient cost-effective records center
  • Operating an efficient and cost-effective forms management program
  • Provide records disaster planning and prevention consulting services

For information on using our services, or becoming a new customer, email or call (573) 882-5955.  

Reviewed 2023-10-20