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Order Supplies

What Supplies Will I Need to Store Records at the Center?

Order Supplies

You will need some basic supplies to prepare records for shipment to the Records Center. We recommend you obtain supplies as needed rather than maintain a large quantity in your office.

Form UM 40: Customer Registration and Box Order Form 

Step 1. Request Boxes (Assembly Required)

All records sent to the Records Center must be in approved Records Center boxes. Records Center boxes are purchased from the records center by completing a Customer Registration and Box Order Form (UM 040).   If you work on the UMSL campus, please contact your campus mailroom to purchase records center boxes directly from them. 

Step 2. Request Box Labels (2 labels per page)

Request a supply of UM121 Records Center Box Label forms from the records center at or by calling 573-882-7652. Once you have received a supply of box labels, complete the labels and attach one to the side of each box below the handle.  The labels must coincide with the information on the UM34 transmittal form.  

Exhibit UM121


Confidential Disposal Service

Departments having confidential or sensitive documents that are not records, or that are beyond their retention period, may either dispose of those records themselves in a method that makes record recognition impossible, or send the records to the Records Center for disposal. Records sent to the Records Center should be placed in boxes no larger than a standard copy paper box.

Each box sent to the Records Center for destruction must have a green “Records Destruction Label” (UM 176A) attached to the top of the box. Any boxes received at the Records Center with the “Records Destruction Label” attached will be disposed of. Make sure you have the authority to dispose records. If there is any doubt about disposing records, contact Records staff for clarification at

Records, which are not of a confidential or sensitive nature, may be disposed of my means of regularly established departmental practices for handling recyclable or waste paper.

Destruction pick-ups are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the Columbia area.

Exhibit UM176A



Reviewed 2024-03-05