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  • Improved protection of vital assets
    • The most important benefit of an information disaster plan is improved protection of the University's vital records by identifying and, when necessary, salvaging or reconstructing these vital records, and aiding in the continued operation despite disastrous events that may occur.
    • More cost-effective protection of vital University records
      • The information disaster plan is a close partner of business insurance and employee security.
  • Reduction of the Risk of Human Disasters
    • Disaster plans serve as a catalyst for improved safety and security measures to reduce the risk of preventable, man-made disasters.
  • Improved Management
    • The plan encourages each department to review its essential contributions to the total organization, identify and correct potentially hazardous situations, measure the impact of specific disasters on personnel and operations, and assess its own ability to function effectively after a disaster.

Reviewed 2019-08-05