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Key Elements for Disaster Reconstruction or Salvage Operations

Disaster reconstruction and salvage require not only a familiarity with University goals, structure, personnel, operations and records; but also a knowledge of specialized recovery techniques and procedures, possible alternative work locations and computer facilities, sources of temporary and volunteer help, local suppliers of freezer space and recovery supplies, local disaster agencies, and a list of reliable consultants.

Key elements that must be considered in developing the reconstruction or salvage phase of the disaster recovery plan are:

  • A management appointed, trained Disaster Recovery Team
  • A current inventory of all department records including vital records
  • Designation of alternative operating locations
  • A priority list for restoration of essential functions
  • Contracts and agreements with disaster support agencies and businesses
  • A list of other potential recovery resources
  • A list of University or department salvage equipment and supplies
  • Blueprints or floor plans of buildings housing information, showing items such as:
    • Electronic power on-off switches
    • Water and sprinkler system shut-off valves

Reviewed 2019-08-05