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Alphabetical Index

Records Retention Guide

Alphabetical Index
Type of Record Section
Accounting Support Records I. Financial
Accreditation III. Academic
Activity Consent / Liability Waivers and Release Forms II. Administrative
Ad Hoc Committee Files II. Administrative
Ad Hoc Project / Reports II. Administrative
Add / Drop III. Academic
Advising Files / Student Folders III. Academic
Affirmative Action / EEO Files II. Administrative
Alumni / Alumni Association III. Academic
Applications for Employment II. Administrative
Applications for Enrollment, Non-Enrolled III. Academic
Appointment Calendars II. Administrative
Approved Animal Protocols - Expired III. Academic
Association / Organization Records II. Administrative
Audit Reports I. Financial
Awards, Honors, Fellowships, Scholarships (Students, Faculty or Staff) II. Administrative
Biweekly and Monthly Payroll Rosters I. Financial
Budget Files I. Financial
Building Coordinator Files II. Administrative
Capital Equipment, Inventory List I. Financial
Care of Vertebrate Animals Research III. Academic
Cash Receipt Reports, Accounts Receivable Reports and Supporting Documents I. Financial
Cash Register Tapes, Envelopes I. Financial
Class Roll Records III. Academic
Committee Files II. Administrative
Conference and Course Program Files II. Administrative
Conference or Course Fiscal Records I. Financial
Conflicts of Interest Files II. Administrative
Course Records III. Academic
Curriculum / Syllabus Files III. Academic
Departmental Surveys II. Administrative
Directives, Policy & Procedure Records II. Administrative
EEO / Affirmative Action II. Administrative
Employee, Terminated II. Administrative
Employee, Transferred II. Administrative
Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) II. Administrative
Equipment Maintenance Records II. Administrative
Examination, Tests, Blue Books III. Academic
Faculty Evaluation Records III. Academic
Faculty Records, All III. Academic
Faculty Service / Activity Records III. Academic
Foundation Records II. Administrative
General Correspondence Files II. Administrative
General Disbursement Vouchers I. Financial
General Subject Files II. Administrative
Grade Records III. Academic
Graduation Activity Reports III. Academic
Grant Records III. Academic
Invoice Copies, Non PO Vouchers, & All Vouchers I. Financial
ISEs, IOFs, Bookstore Requisitions I. Financial
Journal Entries I. Financial
Payroll Expense Distribution Records I. Financial
Payroll Records (Grant Funded) III. Academic
Payroll Records (Non Grant Funded) I. Financial
Petty Cash Records I. Financial
Photos & Slides II. Administrative
Placement Files III. Academic
Printing Services Work Authorizations I. Financial
Procard / Unicard Receipts & Supporting Documents I. Financial
Promotion and Tenure Records III. Academic
Publications II. Administrative
Publicity Releases II. Administrative
Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders I. Financial
Recharge Center Charge Support Documents I. Financial
Reference Materials, External II. Administrative
Report of Absence Forms I. Financial
Reprint Permission for Copyrighted Materials II. Administrative
Research Final Reports III. Academic
Research Records (Also see Grant Records) III. Academic
Statistical Data Records II. Administrative
Stores Requisitions I. Financial
Strategic Plan Records II. Administrative
Surplus Property Records I. Financial
Teaching Evaluation Records III. Academic
Tickets to University Functions I. Financial
Travel Vouchers I. Financial
Vehicle Records II. Administrative
Vouchers I. Financial

Reviewed 2017-05-26.