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Individual Department Records

In addition to the records listed, each department may have records unique to its operation which document the type of work it performs. Such records are to be reviewed by Records Management and, with the department's assistance, a retention authorization developed to cover these records.

Until such a time as this departmental authorization is written and approved, such records cannot be disposed of by the department. Pending the development of this authorization, these records may be stored in the University Records Center on a temporary basis if they present a storage or security problem for the department.

Departments that presently have individual departmental authorizations should review their authorizations at this time and dispose of their records accordingly. If the departmental authorizations are not available, request copies from Records Management.

During the year, if a department creates a new records series, changes the name of a records series, or eliminates a records series, please contact Records Management so we can update the Departmental Records Retention Authorization to keep it current. Likewise, anytime a department changes its department name, Records Management should be notified of the name change so we can update our department name file and the name used on the Records Retention Authorization.

Questions on records retention and disposal, use of the University Records Center, destruction of confidential records, as well as requests for brochures and materials for improving filing practices in your departments, should be sent to Records Management, 2910 LeMone Industrial Boulevard, Columbia, MO 65211 or by contacting us via:

Telephone: (573) 882-5324

Web: www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/management/records/

E-Mail: RecordsManagement@umsystem.edu

Reviewed 2018-05-23.