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  1. Subject Files
  2. Print And Electronic Information Products
  3. News Releases



1. Subject Files

These are records documenting official business of UM System and UM Campus Information Offices. Included are records pertaining to General Officers (Curators, President, and Chancellors) as well as faculty, staff, and specific System or Campus projects, correspondence, rough drafts, summaries, final reports, and production scripts. These are records that have originated within these departments.

Authorized Retention:

Retain for department reference value or until employee leaves, not to exceed ten (10) years, then microfilm. After which, records should be transferred to Archives to be evaluated for their historical value to the University.


2. Print And Electronic Information Products

These are tapes of Board of Curators meetings, radio and television productions, news broadcasts, slides, photographs, scripts and other materials relating to programming.

Authorized Retention:

Retain for administrative value only, then transfer to Archives.


3. News Releases

These are copies of news releases sent to various media about University events, people, Board of Curators meetings/decisions and other issues relating to University business.

Authorized Retention:

Retain for period of reference value only, not to exceed five (5) years, then destroy, provided originals have been microfilmed.

NOTE: Copy of microfilm to be sent to Campus Archives.



Reviewed 2019-08-05