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  1. Publications Records
  2. Job Folders/Magazine Files
  3. Photos, Slides And Digital Images
  4. CD/Disk Files



1. Publications Records

This record series includes publications produced by individual offices and may be used to document the activities of the office, for educational purposes and/or for informational purposes. Types of publications may include, but not limited to: magazines, catalogs, books, newsletters, handbooks, yearbooks, directories, brochures, pamphlets, proceedings, programs, newspapers, reports/annual reports, recruitment pieces, letterheads, business cards, posters, advertisements, programs/development, lecture series, guides, proposal covers, events, envelopes, reviews, and flyers.

Authorized Retention:

Send one (1) copy of each publication to Campus Archives. Retain remaining in department until no longer of administrative value, then destroy.


2. Job Folders/Magazine Files

These records typically include, but are not limited to: copies of print estimates/bids, proofs/drafts, job files (samples of completed jobs), correspondence, job information (contact person, date needed, special instructions, etc.).

Authorized Retention:

Retain for five (5) years, then destroy.


3. Photos, Slides And Digital Images

These are photographs, slides, and digital images used to make up the various publications.

Authorized Retention:

Retain until no longer of reference value, then transfer to Archives.


4. CD/Disk Files

These records may include, but are not limited to, complete jobs burned to a CD or stored on disk or digital formats.

Authorized Retention:

Retain for reference value of five (5) years, then destroy.


Reviewed 2012-06-25.