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  1. Signature Records



1. Signature Records

These records document the customers' signatures for incoming Registered, Certified, and Express pieces of mail. The signature records are a record of the number on the piece of mail, the date of delivery, where it was delivered on campus, and who signed for it. These signature records are used when someone calls and claims they did not receive a certain piece of mail. They can also document the number of this mail-type handled over any given period of time. The where, when, and who signed for it is all contained in this record series.

Authorized Retention:

Retained for one (1) year, then destroy.

NOTE: Other records such as Fiscal and Personnel records are covered by common authorizations. Postage and services charged back to departments fall under the Accounting Support Documents authorization, which is retained for five (5) years, and then destroy.

This authorization supersedes Records Retention Authorization 83-02.

Reviewed 2019-08-05