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2. Departmental Purchase Orders (issued by departments)

The departmental purchase order program permits departments to issue purchase orders for items that cost $1000 or less. Upon request of a department, the purchasing office issues a group of purchase order numbers to the participating departments and the departments issue the purchase order numbers as needed. The campus purchasing departments maintain a departmental purchase order number issued log book or similar listing that contains the name of the department, name, plus other information that the purchasing departments may need.

The departmental records may include the department copy of the Purchase order (UM 359) and the Department Order Log (UM 358) that lists all purchase order numbers issued by the department plus related documents. UM 359 may or may not be issued depending on the vendor request.

Authorized Retention:

Purchase Order (UM 359) - Retain for period of reference value only, not to exceed two (2) years, then destroy.

Reviewed 2010-07-29.