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Alphabetic List of Forms

University System forms are designated by "UM." Federal forms are designated with one letter (W-4, I-9). Campus and department forms are not included on this list. (See Numeric Forms List which provides the source of supply, unit of issue, and any restricted use of the forms.)

Accounting Recurring Voucher Detail UM 353
Additional Pay UM 271
Administrative Posts UM 268
Application for Student Employment UM 52
Appointment Notification UM 269
Assumption of Risk and Release Form UM 53
Authorization for Educational Fee Reduction for Spouse and Dependents UM 85
Beneficiary Designation Form UM 326B
Benefits Enrollment Form UM 326
Benefits Enrollment Change Form UM 326A
Bid Summary UM 54
Bi-Weekly Payroll Time Record Comp Time Version UM 13A-C
Bi-Weekly Payroll Time Record Non-Benefit Eligible UM 13NB
Bi-Weekly Payroll Time Record, Single Account UM 13A
Change of Address/Telephone Number UM 282
Covid-19 Vaccination Request for Medical Exemption Form UM 19VAC
Credit Memorandum and Return Receipt UM 26
Customer Registration and Box Order Form UM 40
Damage Report UM 69
Data Form for Retired Staff UM 270R
Deferred Pay Option: Election Form for Faculty and Graduate Assistantships UM 269A
Direct Deposit UM 32B
Disappearance of Assets and Money UM 155
Employee Separation Checklist UM 325
Employment Eligibility Verification I-9
E-Verify Exception Request UM 400
Harland Deposit Supply Order – Columbia Campus UM 50A
Harland Deposit Supply Order - Hospital UM 50B
Internal Order Form UM 48
JED Continuation UM 270A
Meningococcal Vaccination Policy Compliance Form UM 55
Monthly Absence Summary UM 60A
Non-Resident Alien Expense Supporting Statement UM 378
Off-Cycle Payment Request UM 140
Organizational Structure Change Request UM 20
Organizational Structure DeptID Change Request UM 19
Payroll Correction Form - Hourly Paid Employees UM 30B
Payroll Correction Form - Salaried Employees UM 30A
Performance Review Form UM 29B
Personal Data Form UM 272
Personnel Action Form UM 270
Personnel Action Form for Courtesy Appointment and Volunteers UM 376
Personnel Action Form (PAF) for Nonresident Aliens Not Employed UM 376A
Petty Cash Purchase Voucher UM 25
Property Inventory and Change Report UM 27
Records Center Box Label UM 121
Records Center Location Label UM 367
Records Destruction Box Labels UM 176A
Report of Injury UM WC-1
Request and Authorization for Deduction of Organization Dues UM 71
Request for Change in Budget UM 161
Request for Extra Compensation UM 273
Request for Leave of Absence UM 108
Request for President's Approval for New Appointment UM 368
Student Employees FICA Checklist UM 284
Student or General Public Injury and Property Report UM 200
Supplemental Accounting Voucher UM 12
Transmittal of Records to University Records Center UM 34
Travel - Mileage Log - Daily Expense Detail UM 11A
Travel - Non-Employee - Trip Expense Detail UM 11B
University Printing Services Work Authorization UM 260
Vehicle Accident Report UM 5
Vehicle Fuel Log UM 73
Vehicle Maintenance Log UM 74
Vehicle Usage Log UM 72
Wire Transfer Authorization UM 22
Withdraw of Authorization for Deduction of Organization Dues UM 70

Reviewed 2024-03-29