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Completion Instructions For Courtesy Appointments and Volunteers

  1. An eight-character number assigned automatically by the PeopleSoft system. It will be used as the unique identifier for each employee, e.g. 20000444.

  2. Enter the effective date the individual officially starts a Courtesy Appointment. (mm/dd/yyyy)
  3. Prefix - check the appropriate box.

  4. Enter the legal name of the individual as it appears on the Social Security card, e.g. 
    Jones,David H        Hightower-Jones,David         Jones Jr,David H

  5. Enter the birthdate.

  6. Gender - check the appropriate box.

  7. Home Address - Write in address provided by the individual.

  8. Mailing Address - Only provide if different than home address.

  9. UM Work Address - For an individual with a campus address, enter the room number, building name and phone number.
    130 Heinkel Bldg.
    (573) 882-0000 
    For an individual with an address off campus, enter the street, city, county, state, zip code and phone number with area code.
    Hwy 63 South, Columbia, MO 65211
    (573) 555-0000

  10. Action - Field is pre-populated on the PAF. HIR establishes a Courtesy or Volunteer Appointment.

  11. Reason - Check (X) the appropriate box to indicate either Courtesy Appointment (CAP) or Volunteer (VOL).

  12. Enter Expected Job End Date if applicable

  13. Enter the five-character code that identifies the Courtesy Appointment's 'host' campus/business unit.

  14. Enter the unique alpha code that identifies the department or sub-department that is establishing the Courtesy Appointment.

  15. Enter the four-character Job Code of the title that best describes the individual's affiliation with the University. For Volunteer always use 9996.

  16. Field is pre-populated on the PAF. Temporary is the only Benefit Status for a Non-employee Appointment.

  17. Field is pre-populated on the PAF. Non-Emp is the only Empl Class for a Non-employee Appointment.

  18. Field is pre-populated on the PAF. NEN is the only Pay Group for a Non-employee Appointment.

  19. Field is pre-populated on the PAF. Hourly is the only Empl Type for a Non-employee Appointment.

  20. Only use this field to capture a title that is different than the title associated with the job code. If the title associated with the job code is sufficient, then leave blank.

  21. Field is pre-populated on the PAF. DBP is the only benefit program available for a Non-employee Appointment.

  22. Use this space for special notes to assist in processing the PAF. Clarification of details should be documented in this section.

  23. Signatures as defined by Delegation of Authority in HR policy HR-201.


Reviewed 2019-08-05